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How To Register

How To Register Registration
* Enter all the required information
* Attach all required documents
For Business, attach a copy of the commercial license and a copy of the National ID of the authorized person For Individuals, attach a copy of the National ID


* The data entered will be reviewed and verified of its authenticity.
* You will receive an email confirming application is either approved or denied.


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About UCB

The Universal Credit Bureau is the world's first website to control the global ties between institutions and individuals in regard to due and late payments. With many efforts and dedication, UCB guarantees the rights of all to a respectable and trustworthy business environment. Launched from the United Arab Emirates, the Universal Credit Bureau 'The Secure Way To Do Business'.

UCB Mission

Universal Credit Bureau website offers you an awareness prior to proceeding with business with individuals and/ or institutions. UCB provides enlisted names that reveal the lack of commitment to their financial settlements (payments). A final warning will be issued by the collaborator (lender) announcing they have been reported and enlisted on the UCB website. Therefore, in the case of no payments received by the informed date, that particular case of financial dissatisfaction (dispute) reported by the lender will be available on the website for others to view upon request before proceeding with business in the future.

UCB Target

Collect Your Payments!
Universal Credit Bureau displays the names of individuals and/ or institutions including financial reports of late or overdue payments published by their collaborator (lender) in which other potential individuals or institutions can access through the UCB website before proceeding with business as well. Once the accused party (borrower) recognizes their name enlisted on the website, their only option will be to contact their collaborator(lender) and address the financial disputation and make payments. This is the only course of action to clear their status (name).

Protect your financial future

Protect your self and other from any future fraud


UCB offers a comprehensive electronic awareness between others to guarantee all their rights.


Our target is to Collect Your Payments, by sending a final warning to the debtor and in case of none payment the case will be available on the website to view by others.


Control the global ties between institutions and individuals in regard to due and late payments in many fields real estate , loans, tuition, trading and more.


Ali Alataili

My name is Ali Alataili, over the years I worked in many different industries in both the UAE and the USA. I started my career working in the Foreign Exchange Market in the UAE. Following that, I joined the field of General Trading in the USA and now, I am the General Manager of Government services in UAE. Finally, after I gained all the knowledge, expertise, and skills needed, I introduce to you 'Universal Credit Bureau', the first website in the world to tackle business frauds and allowing all institutions to report fraud and embezzlement that encounter them.

UCB Message

Looking at the state of our financial lives, we find that most of our transactions include post payments in many fields including real estate, loans, tuition, trading in wholesale, and more. By using UCB, you and along with many others can take the necessary precautions to prevent financial deception of institutions and/ or individuals with whom you intend to deal business that might be considered to have poor encounters or a history of overdue payments with others. UCB is not a collection of an assessment agency. Instead, it is a platform that displays transparent reports to protect individuals and institutions before they proceed with business.